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Wholesale Clothing – Selling Clothes on eBay Effectively Via Wholesale Clothing Lots

Your first task in starting a wholesale clothing business is to get set up on eBay as a wholesale merchant. This directs eBay visitors looking to buy the wholesale clothes you have for sale to your section on eBay. The second task in getting started is to get a business license for working at home so you can report your earning to the IRS. This lends credibility to your endeavor.The final task in getting started is to locate a good mannequin for the display of your clothing as well as a quality digital camera for getting excellent images of your clothing. “Where do I purchase the clothes I want to sell?” is one of the most frequently asked question by wholesale clothing business newbies.There’s three places to buy low cost, high quality stock for resale in clothing lots:1 Consignment stores – find one that has excellent quality products and then ask about their end-of-season closeout sales; they’ll often tell you with no reservations. These sales are usually the best time to purchase the high quality name brand products you need. These brand names will be used as keywords in your auction titles and this will drive traffic to the store. Always make sure the brand name, high end wholesale clothing lots are legitimate and in perfect shape.2 Buy / Sell / Trade stores – These stores provide you with the chance to obtain excellent products at reasonable prices to use as quality fillers in the lots. TJ Maxx / Marshalls – These places are known for their high quality, brand new products and excellent sales. You should always ask the store manager when the “Final Sale” is.3 TJ Maxx and Marshalls generally have “final sales” 3 or 4 times a year making this the best time for you to shop fro your inventory.The wholesale clothing lot market has taken many of their “image presentation” trends right from eBay. The common method for presentation is the “three outfits in a square” mode. It’s quite common to show your images this way on eBay as opposed to taking pictures of the clothing on mannequins. Artistic presentation is always sure to sell.